Failure leads to success

I found this image very expressive , so I liked to write about 🙂

Imagine that You have just taken the quarterly exam two weeks ago, and now the results have been finally posted. From a distance, you notice that everybody is rushing to the board to see their results, but you decide to wait until everyone is gone. After a couple of minutes, they leave just as expected, so you creep up to the front of the class, lift the piece of paper, and search for your name. Now, you start feeling butterflies in your stomach from all the anxiety, but still, you keep on searching. Finally, you find your name, but to your disappointment, you see that you have failed thus having to retake the test next week. Instead of feeling depressed, you take a moment to consider why you failed. Furthermore, you relize that maybe if you have studied more, you would have gotten higher score. Having learned your lesson, you decide now to spend at least three hours a day doing nothing but studing. Just as anticipated, you pass and realize at the same time that learning the lessons taught by failure is a sure route to success. Many people living around the world including me and even those of such brilliance such as Thomas Edison had to realize at one time or another that the only way to become successful is to learn from their past failures.

People in general from all around the world have all experienced failures at some point of their lives, but the worst thing that they possibly could have done is to have let these obstacles stop them. They need to apprehend the fact that learning from their mistakes can only help them improve and become better at the task at hand. For example, a simple task like riding a bike shows how one can learn from his or her mistakes. When the first time a person rides a bike, he usually falls down which might leave him in a pessimistic state, but with a little encouragement, he will get back on and learn from his previous mistakes and eventually master the art of riding a bike. From personal experiences, one can only learn that nobody is perfect and success takes time, determination, and the ability to learn from one’s past failures. 🙂

Even Thomas Edison had to experience multiple failures before reaching the level of success of which he is known for today 🙂

12 thoughts on “Failure leads to success

  1. Excellent! saddem wiem:) Mistakes are opportunities to learn, adjust, improve and grow.Only through mistakes will you learn and gain experience!so keep making mistakes to keep growing !

  2. What a great blog post! I posted it on my edmodo page so my students can go take a look at your post and read it. Hopefully it will change some people, that is what good writing does…it changes people somehow. It made one of my students cry! Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Vilas
    New Jersey, USA

    • I’m really so happy 🙂 I like to put posts that affect young to be successful and to make a hope to the future 🙂 thank you for your comment
      happy blogging

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