challenge 5 – Secrets

hi everyone 🙂
today i’m going to speak about a secret that I found it in the forest , while i’m in walk with my family
at first i want to speak about My love for nature , I like to relax after a long day of work by watching the greenery , the grass dancing with the wind , the multicolor flowers with their wonderful smell , also The flight of birds , it’s cool to Satisfaction in the lap of nature , to forget all the problems in your mind 🙂
so when i’m hanging around with my family I saw something very special and valuable that impressed me , it was a bird in his denies in the top of the tree surrounded by his small birds , but what really struck me is the way of nourishment , he gently puts each time the grains in their beaks , it was really cute ,I stopped a little, and I started thinking about the importance of the parents even for animals , they are the highlight for their childrens they are always next to them to encourage them , to puts them on the good way so as to see them the best in the future
the reality when I saw this bird I remembered mom when she chooses the best meals , when she spends a long time in the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes to us ,
after a long meditation, I saw my parents look at me with bright eyes and a big smile ,
so I embraced them and I thanked god for giving me such wonderful parents !!!
,Then we resumed our walk , I saw many animals , a monkey who enjoys eating a banana , and jumping from a tree to another , also i saw some rabbit , and when I was surrounded by all the animals, i began thinking of people who live in the forest , they are really lucky , and i remembered the history of mowgly , this Indian child who was raised by wolves after being lost by his parents , this is an important story that learn a lot of lessons 🙂 I really enjoy this amazing word ,and i really changed my view for animals , so after this visit , i convinced that animals need to be respected and here is some pictures Compfight

and here is an episode of mowgli : 🙂

i hope that you enjoy this post 🙂

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