Challenge 7 – freedom

hello everyone 🙂
i’m coming today with a new inspiring post  » how to achieve your dreams  » 🙂
You only get one life. So your choices matter. Pursue what brings you happiness and joy.
we all have a lot of dreams that we try to realise it , In this post, I’ll talk about tools you can use to achieve your dream , it is really not difficult to make dreams a reality It only requires a few things: creating a life list, vision map, and how to start loving life.
the most important step to realise all your dreams is believe in yourself , believe that if you want anything you can do it ,think to all the successful people, they are not better than you , so you must believe in yourself in focusing in your dreams to arrive to the top 🙂
the second step is also so important , you must determine a goal, a point that you fight to reach it , although many problems and obstacles you encounter, you must never throw your hat and say I give up , fight until the last minute, you will certainly win 😉
the third step is determine your interests, your hobbies, and your guidance, to be competent in your domain and to creat a good career 😉
another thing you must be tidy , you have to know how to divide your day and to exploit it to do good things that help you to achieve your dreams .
it is the lesser things that you should do it , and now I’m going to talk about tools that we can use 🙂
at first you should make a life list , a piece of paper and you write down all your ideas
, write down everything you have dreamed and you want to do in your futur , once you write this paper  » your list life  » , something magical will happen , you note that you started to make your dreams a reality by completing one small task everyday , and try to talk about your dreams to others , to your friends or your family members , that’s encourage and help you to progress .
also, the second tool is « turn Dreams into Reality » : after making the life list , you should practice it , every day you do a small step , maybe that you will feel it difficult at first but you should just concentrate in your dreams and little by little you notice that you’re progressing well and you feel very happy , and this hapiness gives you more courage to do more and more , juste try and you will remember me 🙂
the third tool is to creat a vision map , it is cool to do this map , you need just some magazines , into this magazines you search for appropriate pictures with your mind, and you feel that present your personality , once you find the images cut them out and glue them onto the poster board , and hang it in your room , and every time you see it, think a little, where are you now , and how much remains to make your dreams a reality 🙂 Anything is possible, you just have to make it a priority.
after this activities you start love your life , working in your life list , in your vision map and thinking positively in your bright future , make you very happy , you change your look on life , and you enjoy it 🙂 and the most important tha you take action , and I hope with my post I inspear you to go out into the world and to make all your dreams a reality , why not !!! you can 😉
I really loved this wisdom  » go small , think big , and be happy  » if you apply it , there is no force that stop you 🙂 Be happy. Pursue your dreams. And question everything.

here are a video from an arab issue that I like it so much 🙂
watch this child, he is only 8 years , and with one leg , look what he did, for the simple reason that he not want to be a victim to his handicapping , truth I am ashamed when I watched this video, this little boy did what another normal does not try to do. so it is a story of desire , look at this video and compare between you and him , I hope that you enjoy it 😉

and now i’m going to speak about some people who have fought hard to win , and to make it to the top 🙂
– he suffered a lot, because his wife was ill with cancer, and she died with this dangerous disease, but that made ​​him the great scientist, and one of the great doctor in the field of cancer, yes he is « mostafa el sayed »

– at the age of 11, he was removed from His team Because His Growth hormone stopped And They Told him That he Will Be small Compared to children in His Age, but he Overcome His weakness and he Become the biggest player in the world, yes he is « messy »

– His teacher Told him « you’re stupid and you Will Be nothing in the future » but he made these words ​​a hand that push him whenever he failed :), and he Become « thomas edison » the first maker of the glow-lamp That illuminate all the world

life is a lot of challenges , but you are stronger than it and i would like to say finally if you want you can
and now i let you with these two video i hope that you enjoy it

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  1. really so great my friend i loved what you said .. really we just have one life .. so let’s enjoy it .. good job <3 .. fantastic really ..

  2. You should also give credit for the pictures and the videos you add to your post. Please go back and add a link for each of them, They should be a creative commons liscenced:)

  3. WOW Saddem your blog is HUGE. And all of your posts are really good. Keep up the good work Saddem!

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